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I arrived at Shawnee field at 8:15am and took this photo of the greeting sign MVC-320F.JPG (216565 bytes).  Once  you enter the field, this is what the tower looks like: MVC-377F.JPG (94053 bytes)  Here are different views of the field: MVC-321F.JPG (204546 bytes)  MVC-322F.JPG (194927 bytes)  MVC-323F.JPG (186570 bytes)  MVC-333F.JPG (183934 bytes), some hangars  MVC-334F.JPG (208071 bytes)  MVC-335F.JPG (138824 bytes)  MVC-336F.JPG (90447 bytes), the chow hangar where we had breakfast and lunch: MVC-337F.JPG (127323 bytes), a tent for some shade: MVC-339F.JPG (202687 bytes), the Civil Air Patrol: MVC-340F.JPG (180349 bytes), more hangars: MVC-343F.JPG (197155 bytes)  and some flight line pictures: MVC-352F.JPG (172141 bytes)  MVC-358F.JPG (180045 bytes)  MVC-363F.JPG (140249 bytes)  MVC-371F.JPG (149261 bytes)  MVC-372F.JPG (156710 bytes)  MVC-373F.JPG (175526 bytes).

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